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Jan 4, 2024 Update

Greetings of peace in the Lord!

We hope this message finds you well. We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding BCBP Cebu Central's online presence!

We’re pleased to announce our official BCBP Cebu Central page! 

Creating a Facebook page for BCBP Cebu Central can offer numerous benefits.

The page can be a great way to keep its members and the public informed about what's happening in the community. It also promotes the chapter's visibility on social media, which will encourage members, non-members, and other communities to support or join us.

So far, we have shared the daily inspiration, announcements, and messages from the BCBP Kapatiran Facebook page. We also have original content from the December outreach showing in video and pictures, grabbed from members who volunteered.

This year, the content on our page is as follows:

All original content will be moderated first before posting to the page. 

Please like and follow the page to stay in the loop.

FB page link:

We are implementing a new arrangement in our Facebook group chat to enhance communication and organization within our community. This change is designed to make it easier for active members to find relevant information and reduce displacing announcements.

We will create a new group chat named Kaigsuonan 2024-26 and retain the current group chat Kaigsuonan 21-23 will be renamed Kaigsuonan sa Central. It will become two group chats.

A. Kaigsuonan sa Central (current Kaigsuonan 21-23)

It will become the staging of in-active, returning members and breakfasters.

No changes in the content, messages, etc. Same as the current.

All members can post the following:

B. Kaigsuonan 2024-26 (moderated)

This chat is for official and important announcements only. 

Everything will be moderated by the Governance team and all irrelevant messages will be deleted.

Only active members and those with Action Group assignments will be invited to the new group chat.

    3. Facebook Group update.

To improve the visibility of the FB Group to members,  that will provide the active members a space to post and showcase their content. 

The steps to be made are as follows:

All members can post the following:

FB Group:

All group chat, and content posted, and shared on our social media platforms must strictly adhere to the rules outlined in our social media policy. By participating in our online community, you agree to abide by these guidelines, ensuring that all contributions align with our values and principles. Any content that violates these rules may be subject to moderation or removal.

Our social media updates comply with the guidelines outlined in our social media policy.

For concerns and suggestions just email