1. SMILE(it's a gift nga walay puhunan use it)


3. RELAX. Make them feel relaxed. During discussion/breakout room, you introduce yourself first but SHORT lang gyud. Lead them to talk by saying “let's start with alpha. If you can interject with jokes then go ahead Always remember to call them by FIRST NAMES (no bro and sis una)

4. EYE CONTACT (look on your camera not the screen) unya ang placement sa inyong cam is eye level, Dili down kay you'll make them feel your BIG, unya sometimes maemphasize inyo nose etc.

5. WELL LIGHTED imo room para makita ka. Use all the lights in your room, if you don't have a ring light. Make sure imo background is good(walay makita nga nagbitay nga Sinena, o shoe rack, etc. If you have an altar as background much better or curtain nimo as backdraft.

6. ESTABLISH A CONNECTION. By engaging your participant. Start by saying “ Is my audio clear? Can I see your comment in the chat box? or a thumbs up… Now that's your first engagement. Unya puede nimo reconfirm by asking your ADL, di ba ………. klaro ba?

If you see a participant wearing nice clothes, feel free to

comment, like oy! si ……….. Nice imo gui Sul ob.

7. WEAR OUR NEW SHIRT para dunay distinction nga servant ta.

8. CHAT BOX. As suggested, be on the lookout for the Discussion Starter to be post in the “Chat Box” at plenary where you can just copy and paste it in your individual breakout rooms for participant to see and start the discussion.

9. BE IN CONTROL OF TIME. Remember to notice the countdown timer flash on the screen if any oy just discuss to your participant the time. Say “we have 30 minutes allowed, since we are 6 here we are allowed 5minutes each”


11. DOWNLOAD the free ZOOM app and know or practice/learn the interface, like screen sharing, chat box, Mute/Unmute of Mic, video off/on.

12. EYE LEVEL Place your gadgets at camera level not the screen level. Put books or boxes to level your camera with your eye. this is to establish eye contact as well as projecting an interest on your participants.

13. FRAMING , please check your audio if not clear use earphones. Make sure your framing is centered.