Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Place candidate/ participant at proper disposition, open to the workings of the HOLY SPIRIT.)

A. Ask the participant to sit down, be relaxed, and be open to the working of the Holy Spirit.

B. Find out if there are any other specific areas that he/she wishes to be prayed over, in addition to what was previously taken up during the 2nd one-on-one dialogue.

1. BEGINNING: (Leader- In the name of the father…)

… We are in the presence of the Lord; we are before His holy throne. Empty yourselves of worldly cares and anxieties. Focus only on the Lord of the image of ____________. Lift up your heart to the Lord. Let us adore Him, thank Him and praise Him.

2. PRAYER OF PRAISE (Leader and Participant)

(Begin by praising the Lord and ask the participant to join you. Keep your voices down to avoid disturbing the others. When you have finished praising, ask the participant to repeat the following prayer after you.)

Heavenly Father, we praise, bless, glorify and worship You. We thank You for Your infinite love. Your steadfast love picks us up every time we stumble and makes us feel cherished; Your mighty love rights all wrongs; Your redeeming love has opened wide the gates of heaven for us; Your healing love soothes all our wounds and makes us whole; Your stubborn love keeps us close to You even when we continually struggle over the same transgressions. Beloved King, without Your love we can do nothing . . . we are nothing. With it we are transformed from glory to glory. Majestic God, as we now bask in the light of Your love, we ask that You send Your angels and archangels to completely surround this place of worship so that we may focus our concentration on You and Your love for us.


This short prayer of protection is to cast out any evil spirits that may be lurking around, commanding them to leave the person or the place free from any influence or disturbance. This should be done simply, without any dramatics and in a quiet voice.)

Heavenly Father, I pray that the power of the most precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, surround and protect every person in this chapel. I pray for the protection of ( name of participant) and all his / her loved ones. I pray that no evil force be able to harm anyone here present or anyone else as a result of it being cast out through our prayer of deliverance. Lord, we claim your power and victory over these evil spirits.


(Pray that the participant be delivered from the bondage of sin. Pray for all areas of wrongdoings or of weaknesses, all negative emotions, all areas of concern and difficulty and any other obstacles that may prevent the full release of the Holy Spirit. Pray for healing of memories and for inner healing. While you are praying, take precautions that no one, including your prayer partner, is aware of what you are praying for.)

Lord, we praise and thank you for the grace you have given to our Brother/Sister (participant’s name). You led him/her to yourself and brought him/her to the BCBP. Lord, he/she has given himself to you and you graciously renewed the grace of his/her baptism and confirmation when you released the power of your Spirit in him/her at his/her baptism in the Holy Spirit. Lord, our Brother/Sister (participant’s name) desires to follow and serve you as a disciple. Lord, overshadow him/her with your power and drive from him/her any evil spirit, any evil force that would prevent him/her or block him/her from serving you more and more fully. Lord, you drove out evil spirits during your earthly ministry and you also gave this same power to your disciples and thus we pray in your name and authority. In the name of Jesus and in His authority, we command any evil spirit, any evil force oppressing our brother/sister (participant’s name) to be gone. He/She belongs to Jesus; you have no right over him/her. In Jesus’ name be gone.

(If the Brother/Sister had mentioned for example problems with alcohol, men/women or sex, you can be more specific, e.g spirit of indulgence be gone from our Brother/Sister in the name of Jesus Christ, or spirit of sexual infidelity be gone, etc.)

Lord, we thank you for setting our Brother/Sister (participant’s name) free. Lord by your Holy Spirit heal our Brother/Sister (participant’s name) memories that he/she may belong totally to you. Lord, let your peace stand guardian over her mind and heart all the days of his/her life.


Father God, I present to You Your child, (participant’s name). Look deep into his / her heart, Lord. Clean and purge it of all that is not of You so that nothing but the light of Your love will shine within its recesses. Deliver him / her from the bondage of sin. Forgive his / her wrong doings, his / her weaknesses, all his / her negative emotions and any pg 4 other obstacles that may prevent the full release of the Holy Spirit in his / her life. Lord, heal all his/ her painful memories and physical weaknesses. Let Your light shine in his / her life so that everyone he /she meets is touched with the beauty of Your love.

COMMITMENT (Leader and Participant)

Do you renounce Satan and all wrongdoing?

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died to free us from our sins, and that He rose to bring us new life?

Will you follow Jesus as your Lord?


(to be led by the leader and ask the participant to repeat the following prayer after you)

Dear Father, make me brave enough to face my faults, honest enough to acknowledge them and strong enough to fight them. Forgive me for all the times I have offended You. I sincerely repent all wrongdoings and firmly resolve to avoid these with the help of Your grace. In the name of Jesus, I ask You to cleanse me, wash me of my sins and purify me with Your steadfast love and mercy.

Lord Jesus Christ, I want to belong to You from now on. I want to be free from the dominion of darkness and the rule of Satan. I want to enter into Your Kingdom and be part of Your people. I will turn away from all wrongdoing, and I will avoid everything that leads me to wrongdoing. I ask You to forgive all the sins that I have committed. I offer my life to You, and I promise to obey You as my Lord. I ask You to baptize me in the Holy Spirit…. Amen


Father, we now ask You, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that You pour upon (participant’s name) the Holy Spirit so that he / she may receive new life and that he / she may be able to do Your will.


(Pray that the participant receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially those he specifically desires.)

Almighty Father, as Your love glows in (participant’s name), I pray that You draw him / her close to Your bosom and activate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Grant him / her the spiritual gifts of KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, DISCERNMENT, PROPHECY, HEALING, FAITH, and in particular, Lord, the gift which will make him / her carry out the special plan you have designed for him / her in this earthly life.

9. PRAYER FOR THE GIFT OF TONGUES (Leader & Participant)

(Pray that the participant receives the gift of tongues.)

Holy Spirit, God’s Paraclete, I pray that You grant (participant’s name) the grace to praise God in the beautiful heavenly prayer used by angels and saints. Release his / her captive spirit to glorify our God and King in this form of prayer. Follow me in praising God using the special, personal gift of tongues with which He has graciously blessed you with.

(Lead the participant in praying in tongues. Assist him / her to pray in tongues by encouraging him / her to cooperate with the Spirit either by trying to imitate you while you are praying in tongues, or by the use of a word, i.e. “Halleluyah”, repeating it faster and faster until they receive the gift from the Spirit. Remember that some participants take longer than others. Be patient and continue praying. If, after a time, you realize the participant is not getting it, continue with the other prayers.)

10. CLOSING PRAYER OF THANKS (Leader and Participant)

(Pray that the participant be given the grace to become a strong Christian and to commit himself to the Lord. End with a prayer of thanks to the Lord for having baptized the participant.)

Lord God, I thank You that Your love have come among us to be our savior. I thank You for the gifts of Your Holy Spirit. I want to be Your servant from now on. I want to love You with all my hearts, with all my mind, and with all my strength. O God of love, I turn to you today in hope. I know that you will never deny me whatever is necessary for my success in my desire to begin a new life of loyalty to Your wonderful plan. If I look up to the heavens in my daily activities, many things will become easier. Sadness, discouragement, fear and despair will never torment me Lord. I long to follow Your Holy will, along the road to peace and heavenly glory. You may lead us through long and rough path at times, but I must not forget that my final destination is well worth the trouble.


Finally, Lord God, grant (participant’s name) all the graces necessary to help him/her fulfill his/her commitment to You, to become a good Christian. Please answer all his/her heart’s desires and help him / her fulfill all his / her plans. Bless him/her with Your peace, the peace that goes beyond all human understanding. Thank You for healing all his / her hurts, his / her pains, his / her sufferings; but most of all, Thank You for Your enduring and infinite love.

Our Father . . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be . . .

Bring the participant back to his / her seat, exhorting him / her to continue praying in tongues for all the rest who are still being prayed over.